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Auto Supplies industry is always growing with the development of the automobile, and we’re always up to date with the latest technology and releases.

Xing Auto Supplies offer bulk custom orders for any of our product lines, including:
Interior Car Accessories;
Exterior Car Accessories;
Car Decorations;
Auto Electronics;
Car Care & Cleaning;
Auto Safety Products;
Auto Tools

We would keep updating.
Please continue to pay attention to us for the latest trends. Please add any of our contacts for further communications.

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Welcome to Xing Auto Supplies

Xing Auto Supplies, a collection of car accessories, car decorations and unique gifts.

With over 14 years of business experience, we are more than just auto supplies.

The industry is always growing and we’re always up to date with the latest technology and releases.
We are happy to help you out if there’s something you want to find or you can’t find.

As customers first, we know, just through the internet, how important it is to feel 100% sure about any purchase.

This is why, here at Xing Auto Supplies, we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty, and to be a supplier you could reply on.

Our Company is a wholesaler of Car Accessories.
Numerous car accessory items are in our online shop, from interior and exterior car care up to many car tools and automotive accessories, such as Air Fresheners, Sun Shield items for cars, Auto Decals and Emblems, Car Organizers, License Plates and License Frames, Car Wash Items, Car Floor Mats.

What’s more, we provide the personalized gifts for the car lovers, and your employees.
No matter you are an automotive equipment distributor, or a Car Dealer, Car Repair Shop, Tyre Dealer, Engine Motor Dealer or others.

We offer the most suitable products on the market to meet your needs.

With us, you will always Spare yourself the comparison of prices and find the most favourable offer on car accessory items.

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