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What are Paper Air Fresheners Made of?

Paper air fresheners are largely popular. In recent times, business or brands are adopting paper air fresheners for promotion and advertising purposes. Custom Fresheners allows brands large and small to put their logo and scent front-and-center in people’s lives in the form of a custom designed car air freshener.

We can help you create custom paper air fresheners shapes, a wide variety of scents, and any image you can dream up. They are easy to cut and size as well.

Custom Fresheners sales department will work with you to make sure that your branded car air fresheners are something that you are happy with and something that you’re excited to have representing your brand.

So let’s know some essential information about the Paper Air Fresheners before you order.


1 What are Paper Air Fresheners made of?

Our custom air freshener is made of recycled cotton paper, high density, absorbent paper.
The cotton paper is in the middle tier, then combined with a piece of paper onto each side.
Before combination, custom texture or words would be printed onto each paper.
Generally, total thickness is about 1.8-2mm.
Flavored ion added into the combined Paper Air Freshener

cotton paper white


2 Which Available Fragrances we supply?

Choose from over 30 fantastic fragrances. If you could not make up your mind, welcome to order a sample pack. The following fragrances are commonly used by most customers.

2.1 Fruit Fragrances

Citrus, Coconut, Orange, Pineapple, Lemon, Green Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Cucumber Melon, Grape, Watermelon, Mango

2.2 Plant Fragrances

Vanilla, Lavender, Rose, Cinnamon, Pine, Mint, Jasmine, Lily, Green Tea

2.3 Special Fragrances

Spring Fresh, Winter Fresh, Cool Water, Ocean, New Car, Forest, Black Ice, Hugo Boss, Sandalwood, Chocolate , Coffee, Bubble Gum

2.4 Custom Fragrance

If you would like a unique fragrance to match your equally unique custom car air freshener, you can send us your oil and we can apply it for you.

Or we can process your order without fragrance and you can apply it on your end.
If we are sending unscented air fresheners you can request them to be shipped in bags or without bags.

Or you could order the unscented paper air fresheners. So people who get them could spray the scents they love.
In a word, you can contact our professional sales department to create something especially for your brand.


3 Variety of Shapes and Custom Die Cut Paper Air Fresheners Shapes

Take a look at our wide variety of die shapes designed to be highly visible and stylish.

Rectangle Portrait or Landscape, Oval Portrait, Oval Landscape, Square, Round, Triangle, Shield, Tombstone, House Tall, House Wide, Diamond, Love Heart, Tear Drop, Shamrock, Oil Bottle, T shirt, Football, Cloud, Truck, Car, Car Front, Cargo Van.

Available in PDF format of above shapes for future reference, or more mocking up, please email us to get them free.

If you would like something more unique for your brand, we are happy to work with you to create custom die cut shapes on your custom car air freshener. Please contact us for details.

3.1 Header Card Template

While the standard header card is a popular and affordable option, we can make any die cut you’d like. Contact us about your order to start the conversation.

3.2 String Colors

White elastic string is the default color for our custom car air fresheners, yet we offer a number of other colors to keep your freshener on brand.

No additional charge for other Premium string colors, as only as we have them in stock.

string colors of hanging air freshener


4 What are the options of the Unique Air Fresheners Packaging?

Create your own unique air fresheners packaging to express your style.

 4.1 Sealed Poly Bagged

Poly bagged is the most common way. It’s friendly to large quantity for promotion or Low budget giveaways.

4.2 Poly Bagged + Header Cards

Standard poly bagged, plus a header card with custom print, is now a popular and affordable option. It is an easy way to build your brand and create recognition with your customers. we can make most die cuts you’d like. Contact us about your order.

4.3 Poly Bagged + Counter Displays Unit

Custom printed packaging is a great tool for building your business and increasing brand recognition. Custom Fresheners offer several different options to display your fresheners best. Build your brand with custom packaging and boxes. Our custom printing options can turn displays and marketing materials into an moving advertisement for your business. Please contact our sales department.

4.4 Custom Labels

Adding an custom label onto each poly bag to make your product stand out with custom printed labels and bar codes. Custom Label costs less than Custom Header Card. These custom labels support brand development, supply chain integration, and communicate the selling points and story of your product.

display packaging



5 Who uses Custom Air Fresheners?

Wholesale Car Air Fresheners will be the perfect solution for Business, Clubs, Schools, Universities, Radio stations, Car dealerships, Weddings, Bands, Sports teams, Fund-raisers, Political Campaigns. It is the thing to help you get more eyes on your business and it’s an excellent tool to reveal your powerful Brand.

A message on the paper air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror can be powerful reminders and valuable tool to keep your company in front of customers, workers, your school’s student body or so much more.

You can completely customize these little guys with your company’s logo & slogan, favorite pictures, favorite colors and polish it off with your precise text.

We offer a different design for each side of the freshener so you can double your advertising space with a unique design or message. Stock shapes are available, as well as a distinctive shapes, which take your personalized air fresheners to the next level.


5.1 School & Universities Air Fresheners are great for:

Events, Fund-Raisers, Awards, Game Schedules, School Stores, to promote your school name, mascot, sport, club, activity or event.

5.2 Car Dealerships & Repair Shops Air Fresheners

We offer a variety of shapes or custom shapes air freshener to match your brand and specifications. Consider having a die-cut shape made of your logo or slogan. It’s totally free.

5.3 Business Promotional Air Fresheners are great for:

Special Promotions, Trade Shows, Gifts with Purchase, Giveaways, Customer Appreciation Gift.
It must help create awareness to expand your Brand.

5.4 Promotional Air Fresheners

To advertise with Car Air Fresheners, if you are Retail Stores, Charities, Clubs, Manufacturers, Ad Agencies, Sports Organizations ,Hospitals, Government, Airlines, Spas, Beauty Shops, Gyms, Restaurants & Bars, or other businesses.

There are so many reasons to create a custom air freshener.
Custom Air Fresheners create awareness and promote your business with an item people love and will actually want to purchase.
There are a million more unique air freshener ideas just waiting for you to create!


6 What is the Air Freshener shelf life?

6.1 Shelf life is two years, if stored in a cool dry place, keeping unsealed.
6.2 20-60 days once taken completely out of the wrapper


7 What would I get if I ordered Custom Air Fresheners?

You would get with following:
Exact quantity you ordered
Approved artwork Full-color Printing
Individually Wrapped
2-Sided Printing
Elastic Attached
Optional different design for each side


8 Custom Car Air Freshener Guidelines

8.1 Custom Car Air Freshener Material is Absorbent and Textured

Our custom air freshener paper is designed to be ultra absorbent, and as such, causes colors to be slightly muted, (black in particular) and decreases resolution.

 8.2 Chance of Yellowing With Time

In certain conditions, the fragrance may cause yellowing of your personalized air freshener’s unprinted areas over time. The more color, the less noticeable the yellowing will be.

8.3 Borders are Not Recommended

Including borders in your custom air freshener artwork will accentuate any printing misalignment between Side 1 and Side 2 of your freshener.

8.4 Small Text is Hard to Read

We recommend at least 10pt font to ensure legibility.

 8.5  Close Up Shots Work Best

By using a close up shot, you are able to see more details in the photo.

Far Away Shots Lose Definition


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